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int art is the go-to platform for building interactive art and design on the blockchain. We believe the future of digital art and design is having immersive experiences by interacting with the pieces.

We build interactive NFTs collections for art and tech lovers from all around the world. Our art is interactive, programmable and extendable. We provide our holders the great experience of customizing their NFTs.

While building interactive NFTs, we also work with project owners, artists and creative coders from all domains to bring interactivity to their art. Whether it is photography, 2D/3D digital art or any other domain, with our expertise in creative coding we build NFTs with interactive experiences for art collectors.

From our platform we launched two first of its kind interactive NFT collections, which are generative, programmable and extendable. Always keeping development at the core, we always push boundaries in the space to deliver unique experiences. Our collections are community-driven and owner-centric. We grow our project with our collection owners. With the programmability of the art, possibilities are endless.

We are here to build the future of interactive art & design with today’s most innovative artists and coders.


Our vision is to bring innovation and inspiration to web3 space with endless possibilities of interactivity. This could be with art, with tech, gaming. Anthing is possible.


The Creator

the dude is the sole developer of int.art. He's been building interactive apps for the past 10 years in different platforms.

He tapped into crypto in 2018 and gained knowledge while investing in projects. Then he started investing in NFTs in 2021 and saw a great opportunity to reach more people with his creative skills.

He built the dudes, the first interactive PFP NFT in early 2021, which is fully on-chain. Then he started to test new creative coding ideas and built the first extendable, programmable and customizable PFP NFT, the pixels inc in mid 2021.

the dudes DAO

A fund that contains 100% of all our existing projects royalties.These funds are reserved for future community projects and incentives.

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