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Interactive, Unpredictable, Evolving, 100% on/in-chain.

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"the metro" is the first collection from int art drop series.. There will be 2048 unique pieces from the metro and each metro line is interactive, completely on/in-chain and evolving in an unpredictable way.

This collection is inspired from our travels to new cities and the metro maps encountered during our explorations. We wanted to create evolving metro maps that slowly grow with time, just like how small cities get bigger and bigger with new metro lines.


Each metro has two pieces of art. One is static abstract image that shows the plan of your metro. Second one is the interactive art where you can zoom in and view the metro in full detail. You can also stay idle and let metro to pick a random wagon follow it through the line. Metro map is a living entity. Just sit back and watch a whole network.

Evolving & Unpredictable

Right after the mint metro will start as few lines and stops, holders will have two choices, either to hold them as they are or let them evolve. It takes 250 days for each metro to reach its final form.

The greatest part is, since the evolvement is not based on timestamp, even we don't know how they will look like in the future. They are completely unpredictable. In order to achieve completely unpredictable evolvement, we need you. Every 50 days after the mint starts, anyone can evolve the whole collection. This is low gas cost operation.

100% on/in-chain

Metro collection is completely on/in-chain. There is no IPFS, there is no centralised API. All the mechanics and art are handled directly by the metro smart contracts.

Metro map is generated directly in-chain. Every line, every stop are generated directly on the contract. From this data, collection generates two visuals. One is the static, abstract simplifed version of each metro. Other visual is the interactive one where you can view the map in full detail.

We know there is a great community, who appreciates generative art and creative coding out there. We want every one to see what is possible to be achieved with blocakchain technology. We believe all art should be ownable, that is the reason why we decided to make this collection free to mint.


After the mint, each metro has three states, which we call them modes. These are curating, evolving and locked.


This is the initial mode. After the mint, this is the first mode you'll see. In this mode, your metro will shuffle every time a block is mined on Ethereum. From this mode, you can either evolve your metro with evolve mode or you can lock your metro. This mode is the perfect initial state to pick your favorite color theme or to pick initial metro map according to your taste.


Evolve mode is one of the two options you have after the curate mode. At curate mode, once you decide on the colour and design you like, you can move to this mode. In evolve mode, your metro slowly grows over time. It takes 250 days for a metro to reach its final form. While evolving, you can either choose to move to the other mode, lock, which locks the design of your metro, or you can reset it and go back to the initial curate mode to start over.

However if you choose to reset, your "curation count" will increase by +1. You can see the curation count of each metro at the traits section. Curation Count will indicate the number of time the metros are reset. If a metro has never been reset, curation count will be 1.


Lock mode is used when you decide to keep the current metro art forever. You can either lock your metro from curate mode or you can choose this mode from evolve mode.

  • If you lock your metro from curate mode, your metro will not evolve. It will stay at the initial art forever.

  • If you lock your metro after you evolve it for sometime, you can keep that design forever.


This is the final form the metro will have after it's fully evolved. It will happen 500 days after the evolving starts. From this moment, the metro will stop evolving.

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