the pixels inc Extensions

Secret to customize our NFTs

Our art is interactive, extendable and programmable.

Extensions allow owners to add new experiences like traits or backgrounds on your existing 'the pixels inc' without creating new NFTs, in other words it gives the owners the ability to customize their pixels. The extensions you claimed for your pixels are stored on-chain.

How to add extensions to the pixels inc: $INT token

$INT token is the currency of ‘the pixels inc’ and ‘the dudes’ universe.

You can add new extensions to your pixels and participate in new features by purchasing $INT. It can also be earned by owning or staking the dudes or the pixels inc.


Owners can boost their daily $INT rewards by staking their the dudes and the pixels inc.

Our Extensions

The Metro Extension

This extension is dedicated to our first int art drop series the metro collection. 'the metro' is collection that has 2048 evolving metro maps, slowly grow with time, just like how a small cities get bigger and bigger with new metro lines. It is on-chain, interactive, evolving in unpredictable way completely on/in-chain. Have your the metro token ready to extend your pixel with randomly picked one of the three metro themed backgrounds.

Social Extension

Our social extension is one of the most innovative extensions we have yet created. Now our pixels can to send each other messages, read their own messages and keep the messages visible on their pixels. What’s even better is that all the messages are on-chain. Can we say this is the first on-chain social messaging in NFTs? We believe so.

Summer Extension 2022

Summer extension is created specifically for summer 2022 occasion. As we are proud to have a contract that enables us to add new traits and backgrounds to our existing pixels, with this summer extension we take our pixels to a vacation. The extension has 3 animated backgrounds and 2 new traits. Some combinations are more rare than the others.

Background Extension

Background extension is created with our community together. We created a community art contest and invited everyone to submit pixel backgrounds. In total 81 backgrounds were submitted and 5 winners were picked. The winners are rewarded from our DAO fund. All 81 community backgrounds are claimable by the pixels inc owners.

Shortly after 9 official collaboration project backgrounds were released and they represent some of the friends we have made along the way.

Our Collab projects: uwucrew, Cool Cats, Nobody, Chain Runners, Little Lemon Friends, Toy Boogers, Fluffy Polar Bears, Kohi, Sappy Seals.

Christmas Extension

We released Christmas 2021 extension in December 2021. It was the proof of concept for our extensions tech behind the pixels. There are 3 different Christmas traits with different rarity.

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