Official Collaborations

We are not just an NFT project, we work with artists and projects to build their interactive pieces. We have worked with many big names as well as underrated artists. Our goal is to push the boundaries in this space when it comes to interactivity and so far we have done amazing things.

If you are a project owner or an artist and looking for fun, creative interactivity for your project, DM @intartnft Twitter and let’s have a chat!

int art x fortune friends club

We love FFC! FFC wanted to have our signature one button to pixel art interactivity and we built it for them! Baos now can be either HD or pixel art on same NFT. Simply click on the button on top left corner and your cute Baos turn into pixel Baos!

int art x uwucrew x Persona Lamps

We love to work with projects and support them to build creative features. uwucrew is just like us. For this collaboration we worked with uwucrew and Persona Lamps to make their lamps interactive. We added a traffic light to top left corner, when you click on it, the piece turns from a lamp to a character.

the pixels inc x friends

Making friends while working on an NFT project is one of the best experiences you can get. We had the opportunity to meet very talented founders and we had amazing discussions on almost everything including some collaborations.

For our background extension we collaborated with 9 collections and created 11 collab backgrounds for the pixels. Each of these backgrounds are free for those collab collection owners. If you don’t own that collection you can still purchase them with our token $INT and add them to your pixels.

Our Collab projects: uwucrew, Cool Cats, Nobody, Chain Runners, Little Lemon Friends, Toy Boogers, Fluffy Polar Bears, Kohi, Sappy Seals.

int art x letters

Vinnie Hager is one of the good friends we had in this journey. His art is beyond creative already but together we wanted to push the boundaries. We created two games with his two pieces.

First one is the memory game. When you start, the game flashes you some shapes and then they disappear. The aim of the game is to remember the flashing shapes in correct order. If you complete them the whole piece gets colorful.

Second one is the maze game. From any point on the edges try to draw a line without touching any shape and get out the maze. The aim is to make the whole shapes visible by repeating the path drawing.

int art x little lemon friends

We love Lemons! Little Lemon Friends wanted to have a cute feature to turn their lemons to pixel lemons. We collaborated with them to make it happen. We made their lemons interactive and added a button to the top left corner. Simply click on the button and your lemons turn into pixel lemons!

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